Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Understanding Priorities

  Being told you are the last priority in someones life is always hard. But what if it's the person you live with, the person who is suppose to be there for you the most important times. The person who says they love you till the ends of the earth. But you learn you are only the priority from 8pm to 8:51 instead of the end of the word.

It's a heart shrinking experience. And while you would like to have all the maturity and knowledge in the word to get you through this moment in life, all you have to think about is that you are forever the last priority in their lives. You can give all the hours in the world, give job opportunities, stay up late, wake up early, clean, work, and you would still forever give as many as humanly possible to him.

It's just that, if you are not the one putting yourself first, no one is. This is the world we live in. Where computers are the priority over making someone feel happy for a moment. You are the only one who will put you first in their life. And if you are not the one, if you give that privilege to someone else they might have you come in second or third, or even last. Making the hour between 10:40 and 11:35 time for you in someone else's world, you probably don't have time for someone like that in your world.