Thursday, December 12, 2013

What Day Is It?

Sometimes it is best to stay in the dark, pull the sheets over your head, and not pay attention to the world moving 700-900 miles an hour and that's if you are in the mid-latitudes. But you probably are, so don't worry about it getting to 1,000 mph.

How many seconds does it take you after waking up to realize your dream wasn't a reality? Does that very from person to person? Or do we all have a set number of seconds before we wake up and realize we are exactly where we were when we went to sleep. How many "w's" can I fit in one sentence?

All of this has a point, or at least I think it does. It's obvious I am trying to say that I let my self rest. I stayed in one place far too long. Now my feet are asleep and I don't move them because it feels like a thousand pricks. My back hurts from the way I am laying, because I've been in that position for too long. Do my eyes even open anymore? And it's obvious I'm not actually talking about sleep. I'm not even talking about laying down.

There is too much fear of not knowing what is going to happen the next day. It is better just to stay here.
No, no it is not better it is comfortable; even though it's painful.
I'm never really sure why I'm not moving.
You probably think with an issue like this I should know why I'm not moving. Well, I don't and I probably couldn't tell you if you spoke directly to my brain. You might have better luck asking my heart, but you will need that luck. My brain is trying to take me somewhere else, rationalizing every single detail. It is good to have a brain, better if it knows how to rationalize. It's sometimes just a pain to know why you need to open your eyes but you still can't.

Count to 1,000 and open them. Okay