Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Whale

Sitting here trying to write
all these ideas spinning in my head
all these feelings in my mind

not quite sure what to do
because I don't know what exactly I've done

sometimes we just like things because they are beautiful
and sometimes we like things because they make us miserable
like that song you put on even though you know you will cry
peeling a scab you know will bleed

just don't ever claim you don't like pain

don't ever claim it was happiness you were looking for
you know like I do it wasn't

the bottle of wine you got years ago for your birthday
the one you have been waiting to open
probably a special occasion,
but it didn't even have to be special
you open it
and it is terrible
it wasn't good to the one who waited
it tastes like shit

you can blame anything you want to
the dirt in which the grapes where grown
the barrel in which it was matured
the glass

I'd go with blaming yourself
it's your best bet

you are a guilty person
and you should be

you held out thinking it was going to be better with time
maybe it will

the only thing you know now
is life goes on